Brain Breaks

All of these brain breaks (games) can be played in about 10-15 minutes. You could also split them up into several different breaks.

I am happy to provide these resources completely free of charge. 

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Top 5

Challenge the students to sort the five things in the correct order - give them a few minutes to do this and encourage debate! Remember to reveal the answers with a great flourish!

Top 5 #1 Top 5 #4

Top 5 #2 Top 5 #5

Top 5 #3 Top 5 #6

🆕 Top 5 #7

Odd One Out

Remember that old Sesame Street segment that goes "one of these things is not like the other"? This is basically that with a trivia twist. 

This brain break is inspired by my favorite game, Wit's End.

Odd One Out #1 Odd One Out #4

Odd One Out #2 Odd One Out #5

Odd One Out #3 Odd One Out #6

Fact or Fib?

So, did George Washington bring macaroni and cheese to the US or not? Get your students' brains engaged with these fun true/false questions!

Fact or Fib? #1 Fact or Fib? #2

Fact or Fib? #3 Fact or Fib? #4

Fact or Fib? #5 Fact or Fib? #6

Fact or Fib? #7 Fact or Fib? #8

Weird Words

Build your students' vocabulary with this Blooket!

Four Corners

This is a SEL warm-up/ice-breaker/ brain-break that gets kids on their feet and talking! Read the prompt and tell kids to move to the corner of the room that best represents how they feel about the prompt.

Four Corners #1-5

Four Corners #6-10

Four Corners #11-15

Four Corners #16-20

Crab World Mess

Two slide shows with 10 scrambled words or phrases each. They're not impossible, but they will challenge your students, so be prepared for complaining lol

Would You Rather

A classic that students love! Ten slides with four Would You Rather questions on each slide. 

How Many Legs?

I adapted this game from my favorite trivia podcast, PodQuiz. The game is simple: just play a sound and have the students guess how many legs that animals has. Fun for all ages!


Students are shown minimalist drawings of famous animated characters and then asked to guess the name of the character or the show/movie. I did not make any of the drawings, but I did cite all of the original sources in the Speaker Notes on each slide.

TV Shows Potluck

Disney Crews Disney Princesses


I adapted for the classroom from this article from Readers Digest. I also included the "right" answers from Price in the notes section of the Slides.

Which Came First?

Which is older: Coca Cola or zippers? eBay or QR codes? Glue or shoes? Here's 20 different pairs of items for you students to debate what came first!


Fun and easy game to play with students who are virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Can easily be modified to fit your age group; use fewer and broader categories for younger learners, more and narrower categories for older students