I make the homeroom curriculum so here are some mini-lessons I've made for that.

I am happy to provide these resources completely free of charge. 

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Minnesota Election Day 2023

This slideshow has information for students about what the school board and city council do, as well as who is running in Ramsey County.

Future Skills Fridays

I make the homeroom lessons for my middle school, and I decided to add these Future Skills mini-lessons to our Friday plans. 

Future Skills Friday: Paying Your Rent

How to Pay Rent

Google Slides presentation that explains the vocabulary around rent (rent, landlord, lease, check, money order), has two videos (How to Get a Money Order from the Post Office and How to Write a Check), check writing practice, and then a 10-question Kahoot to test the student's knowledge.

Future Skills Friday: Paying a Bill

Reading a Bill and Paying with a Check

Google Slides presentation to explain how to read a bill. I paired this with a worksheet that allows students to practice reading real bills, then writing a check and addressing an envelope.

Future Skills Friday: Paying Bills Online

Paying Bills Online

Includes this video about the advantages and disadvantages of paying your bills online, how to find your routing and account numbers using a check, and then a Google Form assignment that allows students to practice "paying" a bill online using bank account info or a credit card.

Future Skills Friday: First Job

First Job

In this mini-lesson, students will practice some job application vocab, then hear about the basics of job hunting as a teenager from YouTuber Truly Haja. Finally, they'll explore a completed job application and start brainstorming what they would put on their own job applications someday. 

Future Skills Friday: Resumes

First Resume

Students will compare two resumes and look for what makes a good resume vs a not-so-good one. Then they will watch this video from BIG SIS TALK with Bri to hear about the basics of a good resume and how to handle not having a lot (or any) work experience. Finally, they'll get a chance to create their own basic Google Doc resume from a template.

Future Skills Friday: Job Interviews

Job Interviews

Job interviews can be stressful, but they get easier with practice. Students will first watch a funny video full of examples of bad interview behavior. Then they'll learn six great interview tips from GirlSpring. Finally, they'll write their answers to common interview questions and practice interviewing each other!

Midterm Elections Mini-Lesson

This lesson is tailored to Minnesota, but your could easily modify it for any state.

"I Have a Dream" Printable and Slides

A simple printable for MLK Day. Students can write their dream for the future and then you can make a little display. I also included a mini-lesson slideshow (in the speaker notes) that you can use.