Emails, sub plans, and organizational systems - OH MY! There's a lot of moving parts to being a teacher. Here are some resources I've created or found that have made it a little easier.

I am happy to provide these resources completely free of charge. 

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Parent Communication Preference Google Forms

I adapted this resource from the book All In: 18 Ways to Create Inclusive Virtual Classrooms by Paula Kluth. Click HERE to go to the original resource. 

Mid-Quarter Reflection Google Forms

I adapted this resource from the free resource provided by Everything Middle School on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click HERE to go to the original resource. 

I don't know what to do slideshow

Because yes you do you're just procrastinating

Email Form Letters

Easily open a line of communication with families using these form letters. Are form letters perfect? No. Do they give you a place to start when you've never written a parent email before? ABSOLUTELY.

US Grading Scale Explainer for Central American Parents

Did you know that not all countries use the ABCDF scale? This handy resource converts common Latin American grading scales into the US scale so parents can better understand their child's grades.

Group Work Job Tags

Teach how to work in a group with these ready-to-print job tags. There are four jobs, and I have my students rotate through each job several times during the year. 

The resource is a printable paper that, when cut, fits in a vertical ID holder, which I attach to a lanyard. I print each group's job tags in a different color so that I know which group the missing tags belong to if (when) I find one on the ground.

Ketchup and Mustard Day Slides

A ketchup and mustard day is a cute way to get your students to complete a short task (MUST-DO) and then spend the rest of the class period doing catchup work. Click HERE to get an editable copy of the slides and click HERE to get an editable copy of the Google Sheets Ketchup List. Click HERE for Spanish Ketchup List and HERE for Spanish Ketchup and Mustard slides.

Worksheet That Goes with Any Video

This is a "Break Glass in Case of an Emergency" resource. This worksheet will go with ANY video. Seriously.

Sub Plans Template

Writing sub plans for the first time? Looking for ideas to add a little spice to your sub plans? Check out this template! I know it won't work for every teacher, but hopefully you'll find something useful here.

Bad Day Bingo Card

Ready to print in color or grayscale or push out on an education platform. Simply preview a video you want to show to your class and write down unique words you hear during the video. Project the words on the board and tell kids to fill them in randomly on their bingo cards. Play the video and have the kids fill in their bingo cards while they listen to the video.