Emergency Sub Plans

Because sometimes you are sick (of it).

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I don't know what to do Slideshow

I don't know what to do slideshow

Because yes you do you're just procrastinating

Ketchup and Mustard Day Slides

A ketchup and mustard day is a cute way to get your students to complete a short task (MUST-DO) and then spend the rest of the class period doing catchup work. Click HERE to get an editable copy of the slides and click HERE to get an editable copy of the Google Sheets Ketchup List. Click HERE for Spanish Ketchup List and HERE for Spanish Ketchup and Mustard slides.

Sub Plans Template

Writing sub plans for the first time? Looking for ideas to add a little spice to your sub plans? Check out this template! I know it won't work for every teacher, but hopefully you'll find something useful here.

Worksheet That Goes with Any Video

This is a "Break Glass in Case of an Emergency" resource. This worksheet will go with ANY video. Seriously.

Bad Day Bingo Card

Ready to print in color or grayscale or push out on an education platform. Simply preview a video you want to show to your class and write down unique words you hear during the video. Project the words on the board and tell kids to fill them in randomly on their bingo cards. Play the video and have the kids fill in their bingo cards while they listen to the video.

Music Blocks: It's Electric!

The Music Blocks podcast is made for students by Colorado Public Radio. This worksheet goes with their episode about about electrophones in music, like the famous 808 drum machine.

Left Brain/Right Brain Dominance Test

This resource includes a survey to help students determine whether they are right or left brained (even though that's pseudoscience but whatever) and also includes a reading about what being right- or left- brained means along with  growth-mindset reflection questions.

When Whales Could Walk - PBS NOVA

This new-ish documentary from PBS NOVA about Wadi Hitan in the Sahara desert is super engaging. Plus the worksheet is easy to do for students because it's all multiple choice. 

Misspelling the Word “Of”

I loved this essay from This I Believe and I think it would be great for middle and high school students to read and reflect upon.

The Hindenburg Disaster: What Really Happened?

Print and go for a very engaging sub plan! 

One Strange Rock - Alien

Print and go for a very engaging sub plan!